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    ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press

    • Model No.:ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press
    • Tel:0086-519-85112317
    • Function:It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and other industrial sectors, such as chemical, foodstuff, electronics and so on.

    ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press is a double pressure and continuous automatic tablet machine, pressing granular raw materials into tablets.

    1. Detailed information

    ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press

    The application of ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press :

    ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press is a double pressure and continuous automatic tablet press, pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and other industrial sectors, such as chemical, foodstuff, electronics and so on.

    1. ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press can produce tablets in rounded and irregular shapes.

    2. With doors and windows made of transparent glass, the condition of the pressing process can be observed clearly. The side panel can be opened totally, making it easy to clean and maintain ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press. The external tablet press is fully enclosed, made of stainless steel materials. The internal table is also made of stainless steel materials, which can keep the surface shiny and prevent cross-contamination, in line with the requirements of GMP.

    3. All the controllers and operating parts are reasonably arranged.

    4. Frequency control device is used to make it safe and convenient to operate ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press.

    5. An overload protection unit is equipped in the system to avoid the damage to the rotary tablet press and the moulds. When overload occurs, ZP35D Tablet Press will stop automatically.

    6. The mechatronics has been achieved.

    7. The transmission system is installed inside the tank below the tablet press's body, completely isolated to avoid oil pollution. By having the transmission parts immersed in the oil tank, it is easy to keep cool and stand wear and tear.

    8. Equipped with a dust collector, ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press can automatically remove dust.

    9. The quick-wear parts, such as track, feeder, hopper and driving worm, have general structure with ZP33 tablet press. It helps to achieve standardization, generalization and serialization. The moulds are in common use with ZP19 tablet press, ZP33 tablet press, ZP33B tablet press, ZP35 tablet press, ZP37 tablet press.


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