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The rotary tablet press needs regular maintenance

There is a kind of tablet press, called rotary tablet press, which has better performance and stronger function than ordinary tablet presses.

The rotary tablet press is a popular type of tablet press in recent years. The rotary tablet press is more popular in western medicine tablet processing industry than ordinary tablet presses. For the manufacturers that use tablet machines, being equipped with a rotary tablet press is very important. If users want a long service life of the rotary tablet press, regular maintain is necessary.

The following are several notes for the operation of rotary tablet press:

1. The protective cover, safety cover and other devices of the rotary tablet press shall not be removed.

2. The rotary tablet press should be equipped with suitable moulds.

3. Do not use damp materials.

The rotary tablet press needs regular maintenance for a long service life. The rotary tablet press is the main product of China Tablet Press Co., Ltd. If you want to learn more information about tablet press, please visit our website:  or e-mail us to

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